Snow day but today!

I love the snow. I’ve always loved the snow. I love skiing and sledding and snowball fights and snow forts and the way everything looks once it’s been covered in snow. I love icicle fights and movies and hot coca. Don’t get me wrong, spring is still my favorite season, but there’s something so wonderful about the world being transformed by sky powder. It’s like our normal world got an upgrade. Like the PTA finally saved enough money to update the playground at school. Anyways, here are a few songs that always make me think of snow.

White Winter Hymnal

January Weddimg

Fox in the Snow

Cigarette Daydreams

Long Way From Home

Wolves Without Teeth

Video Killed The Radio Star

I’ve always loved this song. It always makes me happy and want to dance. The chorus is unbelievably catchy and the melodies are fun and easy to sing along to. The bubbly synth-poppiness never bothered me and in fact made it more endearing to me. And I may also love this song because I had a crush on the dancer in just dance.

image.pngI know he has a TV head. Don’t ask me why. But I love the way this song starts and I love the muffled beginning (I don’t know if muffled is the right word but you know what I mean.) I love the background singers and the Oh! Oh!’s. Recently I’ve discovered The Presidents of the United States of America’s version which I love. I love how they gave the song real instruments and elaborated on the harmonies and I already really like that band and I just love hearing bands do new things with older songs. It is definitely one of my favorite covers. (Along with Cake’s cover of I Will Survive. Thanks Quinland!) But anyways, I really love this song. If you know any fantastic covers of songs, tell me or comment them! Thanks!

Close call

i have three minutes to post 50 words. I’m cutting it extremely close. Today I ate hashbrowns. I also saw dogs at critter cabana! I love dogs and I found one I am in absolute love with. I would name him something cool like frank. He was very wrinkled and laughed and squirmed around when you tickled him.


I’m going to get a puppy in March and I’m so excited. We don’t know what we will name her yet, but we have picked her out and visited her! She’s a Saint Bernard and I’m extremely excited to take her home. Dogs are so wonderful. They’re my favorite animals. They always love you no matter what. They’re always excited to see you, even if they don’t know you. They like to be with people and they’re so happy to see you. They wag their tails and snuggle and snore and bark in their sleep. They get so excited! Dogs are the best animals.

Show week

My throat hurts. A lot. I have to scream bloody murder every night as a clown drags me offstage by the arm, and I guess that makes your throat hurt. But also I was there when the writer of the play thanked Grace for her work and that was extremely cool. I’m at red robin right now. I’m going to get bottomless fries and maybe try to steal some of Grace’s mac’n. I like these people I’m sitting with. We fight and  hate each other sometimes but these people are good ones. I’m glad I know them. I’m glad they know me. I’m gonna sleep for a while tonight. It’s been a long long week. Goodnight and I’m glad I know you guys and I’m glad you know me.

I love my bike

I love my bike. It’s light blue with a big seat and a basket and orange shapes on it. I love the spring and I love riding my bike everywhere. I would put my notebook and my backpack in the basket, pack like I was leaving for a grand adventure. I would ride down Garden Home and through the trail to get burgerville milkshakes and then ride home. I would ride my bike up to the school and I would ride my bike back. I rode my bike to the village all the time. I put on my headphones and played my purple iPod shuffle as I peddled as fast as I could around the neighborhood. Sometimes Fanny, the neighbor’s dog, would follow me down the street. I would put on my swimsuit and bike to the pool. I would bike and bike and bike. I’m excited to see the sun again. I promise myself I will bike.

Story time!

Hello I am fresh out of ideas and very tired after a long stressful and kind of bad day, so I’m going to make up a story. Right here and now.

Once upon a time, there was a young boy. His name was Toby. He lived in a little house with his two pet rats, Zsa Zsa and Rodney. Zsa Zsa and Rodney had long snouts and beautiful arched tails. Zsa Zsa was a light pale color and Rodney was brown with white spots. They were also very talented. They were just the fastest on their wheel, and Rodney had a real knack for knitting. Toby loved these rats very dearly, and wanted the entire world to appreciate them as much as he did. So he entered them in a rat pageant! They spent weeks training to win. They ran the fastest they could run and they knitted the longest scarf you’ve ever seen. When the day of the pageant was finally upon them, Toby arrived at the pageant, Zsa Zsa and Rodney in hand. They signed in and took a look at their competition. All types of rats! Big rats! Small rats! Fancy rats! Rats who could dance! Zsa Zsa and Rodney got scared but Toby assured them it would be okay no matter what. They squeaked a thank you to him and got onstage. Then the two rats did the most spectacular routine you’ve ever seen! There were jumps! There was running! There was knitting galore! The judges looked pleased. When the time came for awards, Zsa Zsa and Rodney came in third for their routine and were very pleased with themselves. They were newcomers to the rat pageant circuit and didn’t think they would be recognized at all! They decided to stick with the rat pageants and were very successful in their art. They eventually opened a rat pageant training school where young rats would train to win in pageants with grace and dignity. They all lived happily ever after.