The Oscars

I’ve always loved the Oscars. For as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to watch all the movies and dressed up in a silly dress (or pantsuit as it happened in 2016) and watched the Oscar ceremony with everyone else who had seen all the movies. We always play Oscar themed games like match the quote to the movie and we vote for best dressed. We also try and guess what movie will win each category. Whoever gets the most right wins. Last year, I was the only person who thought Moonlight would win best picture, and I was right. I’m very proud of this. There were so many great movies this year, and I can’t wait to yell at the TV screen if the academy disappoints me. A female director has only won best director once, for The Hurt Locker. Now Greta Gerwig is nominated for best director and I hope she wins. Ladybird was amazing. It’s so rare we see a female coming of age story that doesn’t focus on the men that she’s around, but on the girl’s life and experiences growing up. It felt extremely important to me. I love the Oscars. I can’t wait to watch them!


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