Favorite Bands

I did a lot of thinking today and I’m hesitantly saying I can narrow my favorite bands into a top 5. So I thought I might share them! Also, I reserve the right to change my mind about my top 5. Cause I’m the boss. If this ends up being wildly embarrassing, then you can’t hold me to it. (Also if I knew how to put links to the bands on Spotify, I would)

1. The Fleet Foxes. I love the Fleet Foxes. So much. I’ve seen them live four times now, and own all of their albums. I know all the words to all the songs, and they make me feel warm, like the sun is shining on my back. Everything they do is good. They know calm and they know turbulent. They know pessimism and optimism. The Fleet Foxes can change your entire head space with one song. Lots of the time, they make me feel like a witch who is returning to her home in the forest. It’s great.

2. Onsind. Onsind is the band that you have to sing the songs with a thick phony accent. They’re rough and folk and true and raw. They yell and scream and show you it’s okay to yell and scream along with them. They rebel rouse, but in the way that calls to action. They’re angry for the best reasons. And when they aren’t angry, they can be beautiful and soft and pure. Just beautiful and soft and pure with funny accents.

3. The Decemberists. I saw the Decemberists in seventh grade at Edgefield. After that I fell in love with them. I love the lyrics and the voices, the versatility of the songs. The Decemberists light bonfires and then make them into candlelight. They send smoke signals to far off lands. They’re so full of energy and life, I’m surprised lightning doesn’t strike every time they play.

4. The Oh Hellos. Wow. Wow wow wow. Their voices. Their lyrics. One album will make you feel like an 18th century poet, sending a love letter to your dearest, and the next album will make you feel like you are having a party in the woods with all the forest animals. The Oh Hellos are good at lifting someone up. Second Child, Restless Child makes me feel like I could run forever and Eat You Alive makes me feel like I could move mountains. The Oh Hellos will allow you to breathe.

5. The Beatles. Duh.


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